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The Alpines International Club was founded in 1958 to develop, preserve and promote the Alpine Dairy Goat.
This non-profit club serves to connect all Alpine enthusiasts by providing a forum through which they can share information, news and ideas. Alpines International invites anyone with an interest in the Alpine breed to become a 

Alpines in the United States

The Alpine is a medium to large sized dairy goat with upright ears and a medium to short hair coat. This breed can be seen in an assortment of colors and color combinations. They are hardy adaptable animals that can thrive in a variety of climates and maintain good health and strong production. In America, we have two subsets of Alpines; the French Alpine and the 
American Alpine.

Today's Alpines are a versatile animal.  Alpine does make excellent milkers for both home and commercial dairies. Alpines produce a high volume of milk. They have the ability to milk through, meaning that they can produce over a period of one to three years between freshenings. This produces valuable year round milk and reduces breeding costs. Alpine milk has a high cheese yield because of good butterfat and protein content.  They are known for being exceptionally hardy, curious, and friendly. The beauty and intrigue of Alpine colors can make them appealing to many.

In 2019, ADGA registered a total of 6,153 Alpines. Alpines continue be a breed of choice for many producers, from backyard hobbyists, to show enthusiasts, to commercial dairymen. Please visit the various pages on this website to view winners of production awards, specialty shows, the All-American Program, Youth winners and National Show Winners past and present.


2022 ADGA National Champion
GCH Harmody HVV Atara's Zamara
Owned by The Larson Family

Alpine Breeders
Lynn Benedict, Lauren Acton, Karen Smith & Mark Baden
2017 ADGA National Show

Waldman's of Nodaway Alpines

Kickapoo-Valley Jive Passion
2022 ADGA National Junior Champion
Owned by Kickapoo-Valley Dairy Goats




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