Steven Schack Youth Award 2017

Steven Schack Memorial
Alpine Premier Youth Exhibitor
Garrett Moorse, Minnesota
Congratulations to Garrett Moorse from MN for winning the Premier Alpine Youth Exhibitor!! Garrett works incredibly hard, is a leader in FFA and has some beautiful does. Happy to see our award going to such a deserving young man!

2017 Alpine Premier Youth
Senior Champion
FFA’S LACEE’S LINSEY, Exhibitor: Jeremy Franseen
“She freshened as a yearling in February 2016 and was in milk for 525 days on show day. She was also part of the 1st place Alpine Senior Get of Sire. Age at freshening 1 yr 1 mo, her 305 day lactation was 2,554 pounds, as of last test current lactation totals 4,387 pounds in 498 days.”

2017 Alpine Premier Youth Junior Champion
MAPLE WIND WHAT’S YOUR FANCY, Exhibitor: Caroline Marie Warren