Steven Schack Youth Award 2017

Steven Schack Memorial
Alpine Premier Youth Exhibitor
Garrett Moorse, Minnesota
Congratulations to Garrett Moorse from MN for winning the Premier Alpine Youth Exhibitor!! Garrett works incredibly hard, is a leader in FFA and has some beautiful does. Happy to see our award going to such a deserving young man!

2017 Alpine Premier Youth
Senior Champion
FFA’S LACEE’S LINSEY, Exhibitor: Jeremy Franseen
“She freshened as a yearling in February 2016 and was in milk for 525 days on show day. She was also part of the 1st place Alpine Senior Get of Sire. Age at freshening 1 yr 1 mo, her 305 day lactation was 2,554 pounds, as of last test current lactation totals 4,387 pounds in 498 days.”

2017 Alpine Premier Youth Junior Champion
MAPLE WIND WHAT’S YOUR FANCY, Exhibitor: Caroline Marie Warren

Steven Schack Youth Award 2011

Steven Schack Youth Award 2011 Hannah Larson

Steven Schack Youth Award 2011 Hannah Larson

The Steven Schack Youth Award is giving anually to the Alpine Premier Youth Exihbitor at the ADGA National Show

Dear Alpines International Club,

Thank you for sponsoring the Alpine Premier Youth Exhibitor award at the ADGA National Show. I was honored to receive the embroidered vest awarded at the 2011 ADGA National Show in Springfield, Massachusetts. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Hannah Larson from Windsor, Colorado. My family and I raise Alpines, with the exception of my brother’s Oberhasli and my sister’s Toggenburgs and LaMancha. I got my first goat when I was eight years old. We attended two to three open shows every year and gradually got to know the many different breeders from our area. Since then, we have learned much about showing, breeding, and day to day goat care from these wonderful “goat” people. Currently, my family and I own 65 dairy goats. I completed my 11th year as a 4-H member last year and volunteered as a Superintendent at County Fair this year.

I attended my first ADGA convention in 2005 and learned about the Youth Representative competition. I thought it sounded like so much fun, but I was too young to run for the position that year. Finally, I got my chance to compete in Rohnert Park, CA at the ’08 convention. I had the honor of being selected as the 2009-2010 ADGA Youth representative at the 2009 convention in Buffalo, New York. I had an amazing year traveling around the country, visiting goat friends in three different states, helping at the National Show, and attending the Convention in Tucson, Arizona.

The ADGA National show was held in Springfield, Massachusetts this year. . Since my family and I volunteered to help check everyone in the next day, we arrived on Friday after traveling 2,667 miles. We unloaded in 116° + heat! Saturday was full of meeting new people, seeing old friends, helping the exhibitors unload, assisting with vet check, and making sure our animals had a fan on them at all times. That afternoon we had the youth orientation meeting, Judging and Management contest, and the youth pizza party. Sunday was showmanship in the morning and the fitting team competition following at noon.

I was able to compete in all the youth events. I placed 4th in showmanship. My brothers and sisters and I were on a fitting team together. For the first time ever, we placed with our Fitting Team! And not only that, but we placed 2nd!!! Our 8-year-old Alpine won National Champion, we won 3 group classes, and Best Udder and Reserve Best Udder! To top off the week, at the Awards Program on Friday, they announced that I placed 1st in the Judging and Management contest, won Premier Alpine Youth Exhibitor, and Overall Premier Youth Exhibitor! My birthday was on Friday, the same day as the awards ceremony, and this was the best birthday present I have ever received!

I graduated from Aims Community College in May with my Associate of Science as a President’s Medallion recipient (4.0 GPA). I transferred to Colorado State University as a junior, majoring in Animal Science. After completing my Bachelor degree at Colorado State University, I will apply to the veterinarian school located at the Fort Collins Colorado State University. Once I earn my doctorate degree, I intend to practice veterinary medicine. I plan on working at a clinic and owning and operating a mobile veterinary practice on the side. I want to be able to treat animals of all different species in all different stages of life. My goal is to own and operate a mixed animal practice, with an emphasis in large animals. In working towards this goal I am working at a veterinarian clinic two afternoons a week, learning everything I can.

I am excited to have been awarded the honor of 2011 Alpine Youth Premier Exhibitor and I can’t wait to see where the next stage of my life will lead.

Hannah Larson