Steven Schack Youth Award

“A pioneer and visionary, Steven Schack devoted his life to the promotion and appreciation of dairy goats and dairy goat products. His efforts helped to put together goat cheese into today’s cuisine and made goat cheese widely available to American consumers. Steven Schack was always willing to share his ideas and enthusiasms with dairy goat novices and experts alike, because for him, raising dairy goats and celebrating their virtues was more than a business: it was a calling.” – Micki Colfax

Breeder of Companeros dairy goats, collaborator with his wife, Jennifer Lynn Bice at Bice-Schack Farms in Sebastopol, California, Steve is memorialized for his contributions to the dairy goat industry by awarding the ADGA National Show Premier Alpine Youth Exhibitor award in his honor.

Steven Schack Award Past Winners

Selection of the Premier Youth award winners at the National Show

Premier Youth Exhibitor Contest

1. To participate in this contest, complete and submit an application (available at the show) to the designated committee member by the deadline.

2. This award is presented to the individual (Junior and Senior) with the highest cumulative score based on the following criteria:


Showmanship: Points for top 10 placings (1st-20, 2nd-18, etc. to 10th-2). Fitting Team: Points for member of top 5 teams (1st-20, 2nd-16, 3rd-12, etc. to 5th-4). Management: Points for top 10 placings (1st-20, 2nd-18, etc. to 10th-2). Judging: Points for top 10 placings (1st-20, 2nd-18, etc. to 10th-2)


Points are based on the youth’s top three placing animals that meet Rule #3 based on the following scale (1st-10, 2nd-9.5, 3rd-9, 4th-8.5, etc. to 20th-0.5) and additional 2 points given for each of these three animals that was bred by the youth.

3. All points from the open show (see criteria above) must be from animals which list the youth as sole owner on the official ADGA registry certificate. (This does not prevent the youth from participating in a family unit, or showing animals owned jointly or by others. However, only the animals owned individually by the youth participant can be used to count towards premier youth exhibitor points.) Additionally, only placings of individual animals in age classes will be used (i.e., no group classes, production, best udder awards or championship classes) and animals may be used only once.

4. To be eligible for this award, the youth must participate in the showmanship contest, the fitting team contest, and the management/judging contest. (The fitting team and management/judging classes do not require you to bring a goat and you are permitted to borrow a goat from anyone showing at the show that will let you use their animal for the showmanship contest.) You do not have to show an animal in the open show to be eligible for this award.

5. The winner will be announced at the end of the week at the awards ceremony.

6. In the case of a tie, the combined scores of the three youth events (showmanship, fitting team, and management/judging) will be used in determining the winner.

7. IMPORTANT: You must own the animals used for your open show points in the Premier Youth Exhibitor contest. The ADGA Youth Committee is requiring that all animals used in this computation be registered solely in the youth’s name. This does not mean that all animals they show in the open show must be registered as such, but any animal not solely in their name cannot be used for open show points. This does not include the does used in showmanship, unless they are also being used as open show points in the Premier Youth Contest.

*For Breed Specific Premier Youth Exhibitor Awards the same criteria will be used as described for the Premier Youth Exhibitor.